Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions for Approval and/or Accreditation and for the continuation of Approval and/or Accreditation

The training provider as set out in the application undertakes to;

1.1     ensure that all elements of the course as set out in the application and/or otherwise amended with prior agreement in writing to FNTP, are taught and all elements such as lectures, practical work, case studies, study periods are completed.

1.2     that any assessment set out in this application are fully completed by the training provider and that the training provider maintains individual records for each student indicating the criteria by which any award was (or was not) granted.

1.3     that only those attending who complete all elements of the course and have been assessed as competent to the standards agreed with FNTP, are provided with an award.

2      Criteria, Complaints and Audit

2.1     FNTP shall have the right to verify that the training provider is maintaining this agreement and that those obtaining an award meet the agreed criteria as defined. In furtherance of this the training provider will supply any information and/or documents relating to the course that FNTP requests.

2.2     In the event that FNTP receives information or complaints indicating that any aspect of the course is not meeting the criteria submitted in an approved application, FNTP shall write to the training provider setting out the details of the complaint/information and the training provider shall respond within 15 days.

2.3     FNTP shall have the right to audit any running of a course by sending an assessor to monitor the course.

2.4     for the purpose of audit the FNTP may, at any time require the training provider to send copies to FNTP of all or some of the completed assessment materials used on a course.

3      Term and Termination

3.1     FNTP course approval is for a period of 1 year from the date of approval. Extension of this period shall be at FNTP’s sole discretion and may be subject to further assessment where a qualification is provided.

3.2     FNTP shall have the right to withdraw forthwith approval/listing of any course where, in the opinion of FNTP:

3.2.1   the course no longer meets the criteria in the original application.

3.2.2   the training provider has not responded satisfactorily to written requests by FNTP to amend the course.

3.3     Termination of approval for a course may lead to FNTP refusing to accept individual membership/insurance and/or CPD credits to FNTP members attending course. In this eventuality the training accepts sole responsibility for any compensation to individuals due to the failure of the training provider to maintain the course approval criteria.

3.4     FNTP reserves the right in circumstance where a training provider has failed to meet the terms of the approval for one course, to withdraw all approvals for all courses provided by the training provider.


All communication in relation to Application for Course Approval and ongoing approval should be in writing by fax transmission or email to the following:

Fax  (+44) 0870 312 0067

Email admin@FNTP.org.uk