FNTP Member Insurance – Referrals Relating to CBD Oil

FNTP members using the FNTP Block Scheme Insurance facility who are seeking an extension of cover for CBD oils or similar products, will need to immediate advise Zurich of the following information in order for them to consider options for cover.

  1. What relevant experience and qualifications does the insured have?
  2. Does the insured sell any products containing CBD oil (or similar) or use any in treatments or therapies they provide? Please provide details.
  3. Specifically what products, treatments and therapies?
  4. Where does the insured source the products and are manufacturers/suppliers traceable and appropriately insured? Does the insured have rights of recovery or are there any indemnity transfer agreements in place?
  5. Do the products meet EU standards and regulations?
  6. Does the insured make or mix any products themselves?
  7. What turnover does the insured derive or expect to derive from such sales/treatments/therapies?
  8. Does the insured export any products or provide any treatments, therapies or services overseas? What and where?
  9. Do the products contain THC?
  10. Are any of the products used or intended to be used for medical purposes?
  11. Has the product been licenced for medicinal use by the appropriate body?
  12. Does the insured teach, train or advise people in the use of such products?
  13. What is the insured teaching, training or advising on?
  14. Who is the insured teaching, training or advising? i.e. consumers, therapists, companies etc.
  15. How much of the insured’s work is related to such teaching, training or advice?